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Hello, Hawkeye fans, and thank you for visiting my web site,

My name is Brendan Stiles, and I hope my name sounds familiar to many of you. Those who have heard of me know that I once worked at The Daily Iowan, which in my opinion is the best college newspaper in the country, for the last five years. I spent the past three years covering Iowa football, and this past year, also covered Iowa men’s basketball. It was an opportunity that I am eternally grateful for.

With this site, it is my hope that I can continue to provide you, the fans, with even more of what I have to offer as an Iowa reporter. Here at, I will attempt to keep this site up-to-date on a daily basis while giving you all what you’re bargaining for. I will write stories, blogs, cover games, press conferences, anything that is happening that impacts either football or men’s basketball at the University of Iowa. In addition to my craft as a writer, I will also provide you with video from certain events, as well, as special audio podcasts with those I try to interview.

In addition, those who subscribe to will be allowed access into live chats I will conduct on this site on a regular basis. I will provide more detail in the page labeled FAQ on how to subscribe, how much it will cost, etc. For June and July, however, all content on this site will be posted free of charge, allowing you to see for yourself what I plan to do with this site.

I’ll close with this: My No. 1 goal is to make sure that when you visit, you leave getting more than you bargained for. It is my intent to put my Journalism degree and five years of professional experience at The Daily Iowan to use and dedicate my time and effort into providing you all with the best coverage of Iowa football and men’s basketball that I possibly can.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you all make a part of your daily routines.

— by Brendan Stiles

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