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Nebraska to join Big Ten effective 2011-12

Posted on 11. Jun, 2010 by in Iowa Basketball, Iowa Football


We all knew this day was coming, and on Friday, it became official.

The University of Nebraska will become the Big Ten’s 12th member, beginning with the 2011-12 academic year.

Obviously, more details are going to emerge, but in my opinion, this is the tip of the expansion iceberg.

Ideally, it would be nice for it to stop here at 12 with Nebraska’s addition. There can be East and West divisions that are split right along the Illinois-Indiana border. Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern and Wisconsin could be the West, and Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State and Purdue could be the East.

Heck, it would even be neat to see Iowa and Nebraska end the season playing each other in a game I’ve heard been nicknamed “Farmageddon,” which I would gladly call it considering the role farming plays in the two states. Consider the nickname “Cornhuskers,” and consider the “ANF” decals on the Hawkeye helmets, and it’s perfect.

With all that said, though, we’re naive to think this stops here. Nebraska brings more to the Big Ten table than most would think, but there is just no way this stops at 12. More additions are going to be made to the conference. Whether they happen now or gradually take place over time remains to be seen, but it will happen. Just like this did.

Stay tuned, everyone. This story will not go away anytime soon and it will only get bigger.

— by Brendan Stiles

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