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9/10/2013: Kirk Ferentz teleconference transcript (premium)

Posted on 10. Sep, 2013 by in Iowa Football


By Brendan Stiles

Below is a written transcript of Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz’s teleconference on Tuesday with the Big Ten media:

Ferentz’s opening statement:

“Certainly, it was good to get a win Saturday. It was good for our football team. It didn’t come easy and that’s just how you expect things in college football. So we continue to move along right now and we’ve got a big intrastate rival with Iowa State coming up this weekend, so we’re starting to get ready for that today.”

On if he has any concerns about Iowa State spreading out Iowa’s secondary and what the Cyclones present with their passing attack:

“Well, we have a lot of respect for their quarterback first and foremost. He came in last year, I believe in the Kansas game and he earned his first substantial playing time at that point. He really did a nice job and has continued to do a nice job.

“He throws the ball well, but he’s also a guy that can hurt you with his feet. So we’ve got to honor him and respect him both ways — both as a passer and a guy that can pull it down and run on designed runs as well.”

On whether Bill Belichick’s line of “dependability is more important than ability” is a philosophy he uses in evaluating player personnel:

“Greg Davis uses that a lot, too. I don’t remember Coach Belichick using that when I was with him, but I think with probably every coach, it’s really an important thing I think to coaches, especially once you get in season.

“There’s a lot placed on potential and we’re all attracted to it, certainly, and what have you. But at some point, it really gets down to production and I think part of production is being a dependable player, a player that’s consistent with his actions and I think every coach appreciates having a good idea what to expect from a player each and every week.”

On how much value comes from seeing dependability in practice vs. games and how it compares to pure physical ability:

“I think typically, there’s a strong correlation of guys that practice well tend to play better. Where it becomes a little bit of a math equation comes with younger players. They’re typically not as dependable, not as consistent, as older guys.

“So when you bring younger players along, I guess everybody has to decide for themselves what that line is, where do you cut off and at what point those mistakes that younger players or inexperienced players tend to make, at what point do they just become too harmful to the team’s benefit.

“So you know, you’re always evaluating those things, but the more dependable a guy is, and you’re certainly counting on your older guys to be that way, the better off you are.”

On would he consider Iowa’s rivalry with Iowa State “a great rivalry”:

“I think it is. I mean, personally, yes.

“I think it’s great in a lot of respects. First of all, it’s great for our state I think. It’s one week where not everybody’s focus is on this game, but people that follow football, I think there’s a high majority of people who are interested in what’s going to take place this week.

“Beyond that, I think it’s a little unique that you have two teams from different BCS conferences represented. There may be other cases of that nationally. I just can’t think of a lot. I grew up in Pittsburgh and it’s a little different there, but the Pitt-Penn State thing was big. At that time, there weren’t conferences. But I think it’s unique in that regard.”

On being favored to beat Iowa State for the 13th consecutive year:

“That’s pretty amazing. I can’t imagine we were favored in ’99. Well yeah, 13. I need to work on my math a little bit. I guess I’m surprised by that.”

On not being able to garner momentum in fourth quarters of games and whether penalties and dropped passes play a role:

“You know, it depends which game you’re looking at. I think last week, certainly, penalties were a huge factor in our game. We had 11 penalties for 100 yards, one of those was intentionally where we got a five-yard penalty. But certainly last week, that was a huge factor. Moving forward, we can’t expect to win if we don’t clean that up.

“I think two weeks ago, it was more so just a matter of sustaining drives, particularly in the second half. You know, in the third quarter plus one series, I believe our first five possessions of that second half of our first game, those were really momentum-killers, if you will.”

On how important this weekend is for the conference as a whole:

“You know, it’s not that I’m not concerned about our conference. I think everybody in our conference wants our conference to do well. I think I’m safe in saying that. Not to speak for everybody else, but I think we’re all united on that front. I don’t want to speak for everybody else, but I’m guessing everybody else feels the same way.

“Our jobs are really to worry about our teams, how we perform. You know we’ve got enough on our plate right here in front of us right now to kind of keep it right there. That’s what we’re trying to do — dedicate every bit of our energy towards this game. My guess is everybody else is probably feeling the same way.”

On the importance of going out with a win against Iowa State for seniors like James Morris who are Iowans:

“Well, I think it’s important to them. But I think you think about a guy like Chris Kirksey or Mark Weisman, they’re two of our game captains from out-of-state. In football, you only get 12 of them, so I think it’s important with each and every opportunity and I hope our players look at it that way. I think they do and I think everybody looks at it like that. It’s an important game.”


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